Raegan Steel

Raegan Green

Raegan Green was born into the practice of law, as her father has been successfully practicing law since before Raegan was born. Early on in life, she was told she should follow her father’s path and become an attorney. Raegan was stubborn, however, and was adamant about pursuing her own dreams. After high school, she relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado, where she attended Colorado State University.

When Raegan embarked on her collegiate path, she had no idea what she wanted to do after graduation. She decided to pursue two bachelor’s degrees, one in Communication Studies and a second in Spanish Language and Literature. Slowly, Raegan began to appreciate the art associated with strategizing and formulating arguments. She also took public speaking classes and began to accept the idea of working in the legal field.

In an effort to prepare her for finding a job after college, Raegan also began interning as a paralegal for a personal injury law firm. Immediately, she discovered how an injury could greatly disrupt a person’s life and livelihood. She found enjoyment in helping victims of personal injury through an otherwise difficult time. Raegan added to her level of activity by working two other steady jobs and maintaining a full class schedule. She graduated in May of 2017 with a 3.4 Grade Point Average.

After graduating, Raegan decided to continue working in personal injury law and joined Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC. While she still considers returning to school for a law degree, Raegan understands the work she performs is vital to each case. She appreciates the experience she is gaining as a paralegal.

Raegan has learned how to manage her time effectively and work efficiently. Her strong work ethic carries into how she handles each personal injury case. She enjoys taking the time and attention to understand the unique struggles of each client to ensure their cases are handled with care and compassion.