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Jennifer Chamberlain

Jennifer Chamberlain

Jennifer Chamberlain has not always wanted to be a personal injury lawyer in Denver. To the contrary, Jennifer grew up believing she was going to become a doctor because she was fascinated with medicine. Whenever she visited her grandmother, a nurse practitioner, Jennifer would borrow a new medical text book and memorize the material.Ironically, however, she also had a penetrating fear of needles. Once she was old enough to recognize that practicing medicine would most certainly involve needles, becoming a doctor was out of the question.

Fortunately, she had a backup plan. As a headstrong adolescent, Jennifer was often told she would make a great attorney. Listening to friends and family, she decided she wanted to practice law. Accordingly, Jennifer applied to and was accepted by Eastern Illinois University. Her path to the legal world was almost put on hold, however, when she was involved in a tragic accident shortly after graduating high school.

Just days after her 18th birthday, Jennifer was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a head-on collision at 70 miles per hour. Her entire body was thrown violently forward, fracturing her back and ribs. Her left foot was severely severed, requiring emergency surgery to reattach it. When she regained consciousness in the emergency room days later, Jennifer was told she would never walk normal again and would not be able to leave for college in the fall.

Jennifer, determined to prove the doctors wrong, committed herself to a rigorous treatment regimen. She spent the next three months undergoing various forms of treatment. Toward the end of the summer, doctors recommended that she continue treating at home where she had a network of friends and family supporting her recovery. Demonstrating her headstrong personality once again, Jennifer elected to continue treating while furthering her education in Charleston, Illinois.

Jennifer’s freshman year was extremely challenging because her therapy demanded so much, both physically and emotionally. One year after the accident, Jennifer finally felt as though her recovery had plateaued.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills later, Jennifer settled her claim with the liability carrier without the assistance of an attorney.

She believed she was coming out ahead by not retaining a personal injury lawyer. At the time, she assumed an attorney would settle her case for the same amount, thereby leaving her with less compensation for her medical bills, pain and suffering, and future treatment. Unfortunately, Jennifer had no idea how the legal processes worked.  She did not understand the importance of underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, or the “made whole” doctrine.

Fast forward a few years and Jennifer ended up attending law school at the University of Illinois, College of Law. While she was still unsure what lawyers actually did, she believed she would find out in law school.  In the three years Jennifer spent in Champaign, she learned that lawyers did a lot of different things. While she thought she had figured out her life when she embarked on this path, she realized that deciding to be an attorney was really just the beginning.

After graduating law school, Jennifer began evaluating what area of law she was interested in practicing. To Jennifer, there was no point in doing something if she did not feel strongly about it. It was at that moment when her fascination with the medical world came full circle. She enjoys reading medical records and learning about various treatments and procedures. Jennifer realized the only area of law she belonged was in personal injury law.

Jennifer’s path is unique because she truly understands what her clients are going through. She is empathetic and passionate about not only helping injured people receive compensation, but also helping them through a very difficult time in their lives. Years after her tragic accident, Jennifer is not afraid to admit she made a mistake by not retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer. She still feels pain on a regular basis.

She still needs physical therapy and will likely need surgery at some point. Unfortunately, the settlement money is long gone. Jennifer did not prepare for the long term impact of her injuries. Jennifer hopes her story can help others avoid making the same mistake. Since being admitted to practice law in the state of Colorado, she has made it her goal to become the best personal injury lawyer in Denver. She only handles cases in which she believes a person was injured and will receive greater compensation with her help. To Jennifer, the settlement amount does not matter much if the injury victim does not see any of it, precisely why estimating the value of a case is relatively meaningless.

Jennifer does not think of her clients as a percentage or dollar amount. She sees them as victims who were subject to someone else’s negligence. No one would voluntarily trade their health and well being for any amount of money because no dollar figure will ever accurately reflect the pain and suffering they endure. Being a personal injury lawyer in Denver is Jennifer’s job, but she chooses this profession because she cares.