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Denver Personal Injury Law Firm Celebrates 5 Years

Our Denver personal injury law firm would like to express our deepest gratitude to members of this wonderful community, as we celebrate 5 years in practice. Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, has weathered through the early stages of business and emerged as a strong, highly competitive, well-respected and preeminent Denver personal injury law firm.

Tips to Avoid Winter Car Crashes in Colorado

Each year, 6,500 car crashes are caused by snow and ice each year. Because adverse weather has returned to Colorado, so too has the increased risk of winter car crashes. Our Denver personal injury lawyers remind drivers that winter driving is very different from driving any other time of year. Here are some simple driving tips to avoid winter car crashes in Colorado.

What is an Examination Under Oath?

An Examination Under Oath (“EUO”) is a formal process by an insurance company to obtain claim information. Virtually all insurance policies provide an insurance company with the option to investigate a claim by means of an EUO. An insurance company can request an EUO at any point throughout the claims process.

Rockies Opening Day – The Sober Truth

Tomorrow, tens of thousands of people will occupy Denver to rejoice in the return of the Colorado Rockies. Many will celebrate the ‘holiday’ with alcoholic beverages. While drinking in moderation is a harmless activity, people sometimes forget about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, Opening Day is now associated with increased DUI arrests and alcohol-related accidents. Our personal injury lawyers remind readers to be safe!

Exploding E-Cigarettes Lead to Personal Injury Litigation

Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes”) were first introduced in U.S. markets in 2007 and have since gained popularity at incredible speed, currently selling $2.2 billion annually. Unfortunately, this success is not without controversy. According to a recent report from the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), e-cigarettes carry unique risks of fire and explosion. With headlines surfacing almost daily, we are left asking if e-cigarettes are self-destructing time bombs?

Uber Insurance Problems

Hailing a ride is easier than ever thanks to the rapid growth of app-based ride-sharing services predicated on amateur drivers with a car and a smartphone. Notwithstanding the popularity of these services, ride-sharing companies continue to face controversy in the transportation industry, with insurance acting as the most prominent issue at play.

National Bike Fatalities Increasing

Cycling is a popular form of recreation and transportation, making up 15% of all trips taken in the U.S. Unfortunately, as the popularity of cycling has increased, so too have the risks, as evidenced by the national bike fatalities increasing yearly. In 2013, 743 cyclists were killed in traffic crashes and over 48,000 were injured.

Denver Bicycle Laws

New drivers feel liberated when they receive a license. With the independence of operating a vehicle, however, comes responsibility. Colorado requires classroom and behind-the-wheel training to get a license. Accordingly, drivers are instructed on the laws at an early age. The same cannot be said of cyclists.

Colorado Hail Destroys Homes

Colorado Insurance adjusters work hard at evaluating damage from the storms that rip through the Rockies. Unfortunately, Colorado has variable weather that can be calm one moment followed thereafter by rain, hail, and even tornadoes. Residents should understand how to protect their interests against hail damage. 

After a Bike Crash

I remember biking when I was 5 years old. I learned to ride at night with a moon guiding my route while my dad held my seat for balance. It did not take long before I was pedaling around the neighborhood. To this day, cycling remains one of my favorite activities. As an adult cyclist, however, it is important to understand what happens after a bike crash.

Denver Bike Safety

The Denver personal injury lawyers at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, have long been supporters of cyclists throughout the city. In an effort to promote bike safety, we have consistently drafted blogs regarding Denver bike laws. As the weather continues to improve, we return to the cause. While riding a bike this summer, remember to follow these important rules on the road.

Trek Recalled a Million Bikes

Recently, Trek recalled a million bikes. According to the recall, it is possible for the quick release mechanism on the front disc brakes to get stuck in the disc rotator, causing the front wheel to come to a sudden stop or separate from the bicycle. Trek riders should be aware of the recall.

Colorado Winter Car Accidents – Maintain Visibility

It does not matter how skilled you are at driving if you cannot see. Through Colorado’s harsh winters, drivers must maintain visibility. Snow, slush, ice, and rain form a blindfold for your car’s windshield if you do not take precautions. Our Denver car accident lawyers offer these tips to help reduce Colorado winter car accidents.

Colorado Winter Car Accidents – Stuck in Snow

Colorado has the highest elevation of any state, causing winter to come early and stay late. The Denver car crash lawyers at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, enjoy posting info relating to the dangers of winter driving. We continue our discussion regarding accidents with new info on how to survive if you get stuck in snow. 

Colorado Winter Car Accidents – Black Ice

35% of all car accidents in the U.S. are caused by adverse weather. Moreover, 70% of winter deaths are attributed to snow and ice. In an effort to help reduce the number of collisions in Colorado, the Denver car accident attorneys at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, would like to offer even more tips.

Snowboarding Injuries in Colorado

As interest in snowboarding has increased in recent years, so have snowboarding injuries in Colorado. If you have been injured in a snowboarding accident, you may be able to compensation for your damages. This blog highlights the kinds of legal issues that can arise in lawsuits involving snowboarding injuries in Colorado.

Technology Has Increased Bike Safety

It is hard to feel strongly about self-driving and connected cars. As vulnerable road users, cyclists account for over half of all road fatalities in the U.S. The statistics are alarming. With so much technology being developed to augment the abilities of drivers, cyclists are left wondering how these advancements create a safer ride. Notwithstanding the attention on vehicular developments, technology has increased bike safety as well.

Denver Dog Bite Accidents

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently released a Sourcebook that shows pet ownership is currently at its highest level with 56% of households owning a pet. Dogs account for 78 million of these pets. There is no denying dogs provide significant benefits, as they offer unconditional love and affection. However, it is important to know dogs can still pose a serious danger.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage for Cyclists

A bike collision serious enough to send a cyclist to the hospital can result in enormous hospital bills. In a serious bike accident, what options do cyclists have to cover medical expenses and other damages? Unfortunately, the only way cyclists can ensure they are compensated for injuries is through the option of uninsured motorist coverage for cyclists. 

Police Interactions For Cyclists

Despite the common complaints that cyclists never receive tickets for violating the law, Denver police continually issue bike infractions, ranging from speeding to failure to stop. The City of Denver has made a valiant effort to ensure cyclists abide by the same laws as drivers. Our Denver bicycle lawyers offer this primer on police interactions for cyclists.

Mistakes to Avoid After an Accident

Studies have shown a spike in road users throughout Denver over the last few years. Unfortunately, as road usage increases, so does the likelihood of accidents in Denver. In an effort to help reduce accidents, the Denver personal injury lawyers at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, offer these mistakes to avoid after an accident.

Mandatory Bike Helmet Laws

Each year, approximately 900 people die and 500,000 are hospitalized because of bike accidents. Against this backdrop, proponents of mandatory helmet laws point out helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by 85%. The magnitude of the protective effect was instrumental in helping 21 states pass laws requiring helmet use for children of various ages. While no state currently mandatory bike helmet laws for adults, the initiative is out there.

Bike on the Right

I witnessed a horrific event recently. While waiting for the traffic signal to turn green on Larimer, a police officer darted through the intersection, maneuvered around idling vehicles, only to stop within inches of striking a cyclist who strayed to the left. The squad car then aggressively tailed the cyclist back to the right. The corralling continued all the way down to 15th Street, where the officer exited his vehicle in the middle of Larimer and forced cyclists to the right. This blog addresses the law requiring riders to bike on the right.

Driving High

After last week’s article regarding biking under the influence (BUI), I was asked by several readers about the legality of driving high. It has long been believed that delta-9-tetrahydocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, impairs a person’s ability similar to alcohol. Researchers found THC disrupts coordination, judgment, perception, and reaction time. Accordingly, they concluded driving high would similarly increase the risk of accidents.

BUI – Biking Under the Influence

There is a wide disparity in Biking Under the Influence (BUI) laws in the U.S. South Dakota makes BUI legal to encourage people not to drive. California criminalizes BUI. The offense carries a $250 fine and is considered less serious than DUI. In Washington and Arizona, police can stop cyclists who appear to be intoxicated and transport them to a safe place, but they cannot arrest them. This blog addresses the differences in BUI laws.

Denver Cruisers

Each year, the Denver bike accident lawyers at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, team up with the Denver Cruisers to promote bike safety. You have never heard of the Denver Cruisers? If you are unfamiliar with the Denver Cruisers, allow me to explain in greater detail. What started with a dozen pioneers a decade ago has transformed into one of the greatest manifestations in Denver. 

Police Detect Stoned Drivers

Marijuana is nothing like alcohol. It is impossible to conduct a breathalyzer or draw blood to determine if a driver is stoned. So how do police detect stoned drivers? In Colorado, the topic is quickly becoming a hot item. Since the passage of the new laws, police are in full effect as they try to catch drivers who are under the influence of marijuana. 

Stoned Drivers in Colorado

Given the increased accessibility of marijuana in Colorado, questions have been raised regarding the impact of marijuana on driving. Unfortunately, research has been clouded by inconsistent findings. Some believe marijuana has a minimal effect on psychomotor skills while others opine stoned drivers in Colorado are twice as likely to be involved in an accident.

Bike Lanes in Denver

With an influx of new cyclists in Denver, some motorists have started acting aggressively, resorted to honking, yelling, and throwing objects. The idea of coexisting is often difficult to swallow for many drivers and their cavalier attitude has led to even greater tragedies. Fortunately, there is hope of a brighter tomorrow thanks to the new bike lanes in Denver.

Boulder Slip and Fall

Boulder slip and fall attorneys Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, represent those who suffered injuries due to a landowner’s failure to safely maintain or warn of hazards on their property. The Boulder slip and fall attorneys have vast experience in premises liability cases and are determined to provide caring and dedicated legal representation.

Colorado Injury Lawyers

Like a lot of metropolitan regions across America, Denver sees high-volume traffic daily. Unfortunately, an increase in motor vehicles also raises the likelihood of motor accidents in the Mile-High City. If you have been in a motor vehicle crash, contact the Colorado injury lawyers at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC.

Colorado Dog Bite Statute

According to the American Humane Association, more than 4.7 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs on an annual basis and every 6 bites is serious enough to warrant medical attention. As alarming as these statistics are, it is important that our readers understand the Colorado dog bite statute.

Denver Bike Laws

Cycling in Denver is a popular form of recreation and transportation, currently accounting for 15% of all trips taken. Unfortunately, as the popularity continues to increase, so too do the risks associated with cycling. Otherwise stated, bike accidents continue to occur daily. It is therefore important to highlight the Denver bike laws one again.