Damages in Personal Injury Cases

The Denver personal injury attorneys Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, have an in-depth understanding of damages in personal injury cases. We understand the struggles some personal injury victims face in trying to recover. In Colorado, there are specific rules that complicate injury claims and the recovery of damages. To help ensure you receive full compensation following an accident, it is important to contact Colorado personal injury attorneys who are well-versed in State laws regarding damages. At the Law Office of Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, our personal injury attorneys have a history of success handling civil cases throughout all of Colorado and can help ensure your rights are protected.

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Colorado law requires vehicle owner to purchase bodily injury (“BI”) liability insurance and carry evidence of such insurance at all times. In fact, motorists cannot even register a vehicle unless the application for registration is accompanied by a certificate of insurance. Against this backdrop, it is not uncommon for irresponsible motorists to acquire liability insurance in accord with Colorado law only to let it lapse thereafter. Alternatively, some motorists simply drive without registration or insurance. In the event of an accident with one of these motorists, the victim remains uncompensated if the negligent motorist is otherwise financially unable to make up for the harms caused. This has become one of the most significant problems in the civil justice system. What happens when a negligent party does not have the capacity to satisfy liability?

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Mistakes After an Accident

Like a lot of metro regions across the U.S., roadways in Denver handle high-volume traffic daily. In fact, studies have shown a spike in drivers throughout the Denver area over the last few years. Unfortunately, as motor vehicle usage increases, so does the likelihood of motor accidents. Some auto accidents are nothing more than fender benders that can generally be handled through direct contact with insurance. Unfortunately, however, a growing number of collisions involve physical injury, fatality, or other significant damages. These types of accidents often leave victims and their families traumatized and uncertain about the steps to follow. Review the content to understand how to avoid mistakes after an accident.

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Preventing Denver Bike Accidents

The Denver personal injury lawyers at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, recognize the importance of educating the public on bike safety. We have effectively represented countless bicycle victims of negligence throughout Colorado. After many years of learning the common characteristics of bike accidents, we believe that preventative riding can still help cyclists avoid bike accidents altogether. The community at large must be focused on preventing Denver bike accidents from happening. Moreover, understanding Denver’s Rules of the Road will help reduce accidents as well. The following tips are important and should be used in conjunction with any secondary measures, such as wearing a helmet. 

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