Jerry Bowman

Rockies Opening Day – The Sober Truth

Tomorrow, tens of thousands of people will occupy Denver to rejoice in the return of the Colorado Rockies. Many will celebrate the ‘holiday’ with alcoholic beverages. While drinking in moderation is a harmless activity, people sometimes forget about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, Opening Day is now associated with increased DUI arrests and alcohol-related accidents. Our personal injury lawyers remind readers to be safe!

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Exploding E-Cigarettes Lead to Personal Injury Litigation

Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes”) were first introduced in U.S. markets in 2007 and have since gained popularity at incredible speed, currently selling $2.2 billion annually. Unfortunately, this success is not without controversy. According to a recent report from the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), e-cigarettes carry unique risks of fire and explosion. With headlines surfacing almost daily, we are left asking if e-cigarettes are self-destructing time bombs?

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