Our Denver personal injury lawyers understand an accident can adversely affect a victim’s life. Serious injuries can interfere with your ability to work, care for family, enjoy recreational activities, and simply live an active life.

If you have been involved in an accident, contact our Denver personal injury lawyers today. We listen to your story and work with with you to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Our Denver personal injury lawyers will fight for you. For more information, contact Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC.

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Jerry Bowman

Denver personal injury attorney Jerry Bowman believes in providing his clients with compassionate and dedicated personal attention. Having grown up...
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Jennifer Chamberlain

Jennifer Chamberlain has not always wanted to be a personal injury lawyer in Denver. To the contrary, Jennifer grew up believing...
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Starr Luu
Starr Luu

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

For those reading the reviews, I promise you I wasn't paid to give them a 5-star rating, it's really how I feel about this law firm. My friends and I always joke about the T.V. commercials for Personal Injury law firms and how they're probably filled with scumbags that focus on the bottom line.

Unfortunately, I was in an rear-ended in June 2016, it was never on my mind to even seek an attorney. I went to a chiropractor who reassured me that I would not have to pay for services because it would be the other driver's insurance who would pay for it (short synopsis of what happened)....well six treatments later, the chiropractor told me that I am now responsible for the bill, otherwise they recommended I get an attorney. I found Bowman and Chamberlain on Yelp, and trusted the Yelp reviews. (Now it's going on Google!!)

Sure enough, from the get-go, due to my situation being on the lower severity, Jerry was honest with me and said he couldn't find it in his conscience to take my case. He also offered to provide me with all the paperwork and documentation that I would need to assist my case to pay for my recurring chiropractor bill. I pleaded for him to help me because I really didn't have time due to a heavy school load and I needed to keep my treatments on-going. Reluctantly, Jerry did accept.The law firm provided clear communication with me throughout the process, they were tenacious in my case, and I was never confused or apprehensive of their actions. They are very friendly and caring (which can be hard to believe for some). I would definitely recommend Bowman and Chamberlain anyone, and NO, it's not about being greedy, but it's about getting the proper help one needs.


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